“An extensive range of flavour compound solutions for your beverage”


We design and manufacture compounds for all kinds of beverages, based on the specific requirements of each market, relevant trends and consumer profiles.
Mainly used by beverage manufacturers, compounds are all-in-one solutions that simplify the production process: they are mixes of fruit juices/concentrates and flavours, sometimes completed with other ingredients (acid, colorings, preservatives etc.).
We commercialise our solutions emphasising innovation, flavour tastes, legislation, production processes and price sensitivity.

minilogo  Fruit juice based drinks
minilogo  Carbonated soft drinks
minilogo  Still soft drinks
minilogo  Syrups
minilogo  Tea, coffee drinks
minilogo  Energy drinks
minilogo  Sport and nutritional drinks
minilogo  Functional waters
minilogo  Flavoured waters
minilogo  Malt based beverages
minilogo  Alcoholic beverages

“Focusing on key beverage segments,
we offer flexible solutions for every need:
from cost-effective ranges to innovative solutions”